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Femininity Organ which must always get the attention is vagina, where vagina location reside in at elbow anus and represent the open organ, this matter cause the vagina very gristle to disease, growing of mushroom if not awaked by its hygiene. Others vagina represent the relation with the man. To that's vagina require to get the special treatment so that woman health can be awaked, utilize the this treatment facility a lot of product- modern product have provided. But how by bringing back boisterous muscle - vagina muscle, strengthening energy of vagina ??? Medicinize the - modern drugs even also have been met may even exist using the way of vagina plastic namely inseminate the dilution to vagina lip but the way of this contain the high risk even endanger the cause soul there is dead case because doing the way.
Stick the gurah vagina will release the mucus - dirty mucus harming vagina, releasing mucus - excessive mucus from vagina so that vagina become the cleanness, free from the mushroom resulting turning white, eliminating to feel an itchs in vagina and also become the peret of muscle - vagina muscle become faster, strong energy of vagina return, circumstance that way will cause the husband will satisfy, addictive of moment correlate the sexual with the wife of husband cause will feel the wife maiden return. Dishonest even also can be avoided the. made Gurah Vagina from composition : clerodendron serratum 80 % and other substance till 100 %. To facilitate the use of gurah vagina hence substance - the substance processed and printed to become club shaped longly more or less 12 cm. Hereinafter is often referred as stick of Gurah Vagina (TGV). This TGV is processed in such a manner peaceful so that hygienic and to be utilized by without any side effects.

About Sirgunggu and Gurah
Gurah is the way of traditional release the production of mucus and phlegm. Way of this very popular among profession sinden, speaker, puppeteer, singer etcetera. Besides to filter the voice, Useful Gurah to cure the : Asthma, sinusitis, lead confused often, difficult of concentration and sigh is other effect of air pollution, smoke and instans food. Substance Gurah by xself is extract grow on the crop Sirgunggu. In Imogiri area, Yogyakarta, sirgunggu for the gurah, that is husk grow on boxed and poured boiling water into with the water, then dripped at nose utilize to cure various disease of related to mucus, like asthma, cough, or to get the clear voice. Its effect in the form of mucus expenditure from nose and mouth. Its leaf useful to refresh the woman condition which is child bed. As external drug, leaf boxed with the fennel pulosari for the rheumatism of pain in bone and or fatigue at joint. Its Young leaf is absoluterly crushed and added a little chalk become the liniment. Leaf infusion with the salt and also drinkable temulawak for the stomach which flatulent and as worm drug. this Infus plant Leaf have been checked by in vitro able to break calculus. Floating ripe fruit or which still be raw munched with sirih for the cough medicine of to heavy. National Research of Institute Cancer, Washington express, extract irrigate this plant active as anti-HIV in vitro.

Especial substance only clerodendron serratum there no other ingredient addition Rp 50.000

Besides clerodendron serratum added by extract of leaf other sirih mace and Quicker and more awful make the vagina quickly doormat beating quicker to and also heal the turning white pain) (Utilize the improvement quality hence there is mace addition for the TGV plus of extract Leaf Sirih so that useful more and more felt) Rp 75.000

By giving additional ingredient in TGV of plus extract of Leaf Sirih majakan, pharameriaecortex, other callae, gausumaefolium mace, making SUPER TGV become much more awful useful, healing of turning white and feel an itch in vagina, making vagina increase the doormat, its virginity sensation is very addictive terasa, its virginity is very felt, making addictive progressively romantic.
For the result of maximal, we recommend you hence stick the super gurah vagina !! Rp 95.000

Ordering to: SUPRAPTO,
PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.
Branch UGM Yogyakarta Account Number: 00147524563
If you tranfer from out of Indonesia, you need add the bank code is: BNINIDJA+00147524563
To comfirm please contact to the customer service:
or SMS to 62+815-48-559-559
(Its free delivery expense, if to out of Indonesia according to)

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When you choised to click the situs, You have opportunity the good informations!!The lighty inovation to Indonesian original tradisional medication.

What is Super Capsule Gurah ?
Super Capsule Gurah (KGS) is breakthrough area of medication tradisioanal gurah by substance gold medicinize the gurah, that is extract grow on the tidy crop Sirgunggu aspect, so that process the gurah work from within peacefully, efficacious and not hurt.

What its Benefit?
KGS useful clean the mucus and dirt at exhalation channel, so that exhalation channel become the cleanness. Useful KGS also to cure the : Asthma, sinusitis, lead confused often, difficult concentration and sigh o other effect of air pollution, smoke and instant food. Some people even feel that KGS also useful make clear the eyesight, and Way of and React.
For the adult
• KGS drinked before sleep of night and morning (Used up eat the)
• Dose 2 x 2 capsule every day

For the child

  • KGS can be consumed min age child 4 year - Providing small glass and fill with the warm water as much 10 spoon eat and also 1 table spoon combine then swirled flatten
  • Open 1 of Capsule KGS and pour the KGS in glass then swirled Hereinafter drink to natural child exhalation pain
  • Dose 2 x 1 capsule every day - KGS Drinked [by] before sleep of night and morning ( used up eat)

After drinking KGS, 3 hour then will be felt by like flu but that matter non that flu moment and may be released and phlegm, sometime mucus will go out to pass the pore - pore with sweat or irrigate the urine. Felt farings by a heat, secretory mucus this is dirty mucus causing disease. If not happened the the reaction above, making not much difference, KGS remain to can heal Your disease). To overcome to feel to run dry and heat of red lane and also quicken the healing, multiply to consume the fruits / drink the fruit juice, vegetable and also irrigate water.
Notes: During healing process, not allowed to drink the ice and eat the oily food is high. Than our experience result all remediable exhalation disease only with consuming 3-20 Super Capsule Gurah packet (depended of suffered disease acuteness) and recurrence not again!

Price and Way Of Ordering
Super Capsule Gurah (KGS) Price is only @ Rp. 20.000,- or about USD 2,00
(If you wish to buy more than one price packet omit to accomodate the). Above delivery 3 free packet delivery expense. Less than 3 packet ( one / two) added a expense send the Rp.5000. ( to out of Indonesia according to)
Ordering to: SUPRAPTO,
Ordering expense transfer:
PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.
Branch UGM Yogyakarta Account Number: 00147524563
If you tranfer from out of Indonesia, you need add the bank code is: BNINIDJA+00147524563
To comfirm please contact to the customer service:
or SMS to 62+815-48-559-559

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Mengapa harus TGV??

Organ kewanitaan yang harus selalu mendapat perhatian adalah vagina, dimana lokasi vagina berada didekat dubur dan merupakan organ yang terbuka , hal inilah yang menyebabkan vagina sangat rawan terhadap penyakit, tumbuhnya jamur apabila tidak terjaga kebersihannya. Selain itu vagina merupakan alat kopulasi (hubungan kelamin) dengan pria. Untuk itulah vagina perlu mendapatkan perawatan khusus sehingga kesehatan wanita dapat terjaga , guna memfasilitasi perawatan ini banyak sekali produk- produk modern telah menyediakan. Namun bagaimana dengan mengembalikan kekencangan otot - otot vagina, memperkuat daya cengkram vagina ??? obat - obatan modern pun telah diketemukan bahkan ada yang menggunakan cara vagino plasti yakni menyuntikkan cairan ke bibir vagina namun cara ini mengandung resiko tinggi bahkan membahayakan jiwa sebab ada kasus yang mati karena melakukan cara ini.
Mengapa harus TGV??

Sebab TONGKAT GURAH VAGINA akan mengeluarkan lendir - lendir kotor yang merugikan vagina, mengeluarkan lendir - lendir berlebih dari vagina sehingga vagina menjadi bersih, bebas dari jamur yang mengakibatkan keputihan , menghilangkan rasa gatal -gatal didalam vagina serta menjadi peret alias otot - otot vagina menjadi lebih kencang , daya cengkram vagina kuat kembali , keadaan demikian akan menyebabkan suami akan puas, ketagihan saat berhubungan seksual dengan isteri sebab suami akan merasakan sang isteri seperti perawan kembali. Dan perselingkuhan pun dapat dihindari.